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Amy Klein at DIY Rooftop Salon Party

When: 5:00-10:00PM, Saturday, September 29
Where: 420 E. 11th Street (rooftop)

Amy Klein is a songwriter and writer whose sensibility has been compared to Siouxie Sioux and Kate Bush. Her previous bands include Titus Andronicus and Hilly Eye, and she has released several albums on the punk label Don Giovanni Records. Her new single is called “Nothing.”

Laura Wolf is a cellist and singer who uses live looping, effects pedals and various instruments to weave a penetrating wall of sound. She has performed with various classical and contemporary ensembles such as The Shivers and Matt Pond PA. Laura is currently workshopping her newest work as she preps her new album.

JesusMaryandJoseph are an alt-rock band who claim they don’t need a bio, social media links or commas.

Brandon Boudreaux is a NYC producer, director and editor who has worked with musicians and organizations such as MTV, Kanye West, Coca Cola and Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth. His latest short film, PKD9000, about a homicidal microwave will be doing the festival circuit this winter. He is preparing a video projection synced to the new album “And Nothing Hurt” by the band Spiritualized.

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