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The Vive Art & Music Benefit for Refugees 07/27/2017


The Vive Art & Music Benefit will be a one-night event that takes place July 27th, 2017. The Art Event, which will be held from 7 – 10 pm at Honey Ramka Gallery located at 56 Bogart Ave in Bushwick, is organized by artists Rachel Phillips and Anna Ortiz. The group of over 70 participating artists from the local community have come together to express their resistance against the marginalizing of refugees. Artists have donated work to be sold for the express purpose of raising money for the Vive Refugee Shelter located in Buffalo NY.

Simultaneously, musician & curator Val Opielski will present musical performances by (in order of appearance) Anton Sword, Amy Klein, Sunk Heaven, Dee Pop/Jack Martin Duo, OhmSlice and Density. This will take place at The Cobra Club (6 Wyckoff Ave) from 7:30pm till end. Suggested donation for this portion of the benefit is $10 (Give what you can, give more if you can).

Vive is an incredible non-profit shelter that works to house and legally represents undocumented people. Many of the people who arrive at Vive are in transition and do not have papers to cross into Canada or stay in the U.S. Vive welcomes all refugees seeking shelter without limits to their stay. While there, refugees are asked to work to maintain the building, teach and participate as members of the community. It’s a remarkable place that has recently been overwhelmed with an influx of people in need.

Through the sales of our one night benefit, we will raise money to help the refugees at Vive awaiting a start to their new life. The money raised will go to legal fees and maintenance of the old school building in which Vive operates. Through connecting our community to the refugees at Vive, we are repurposing our practice and adding meaning to our lives and the artwork donated. Together using our skills and creativity, we will effectuate tangible change and voice our resistance.

Links for Vive and Vive Benefit:
New Yorker article about Vive Refugee Shelter. – there is a Vive Benefit Page is on this facebook account

Art inquiries –

The amazing Honey Ramka Gallery

Anna Ortiz
Rachel Phillips
Val Opielski
Dee Pop

Bands at Music Benefit (in order of appearance):

Anton Sword and Michael Lawson

Amy Klein

Sunk Heaven
Austin Sley Julian

Dee Pop and Jack Martin

Bradford Reed drums and modular synth
Jane LeCroy vox
Special Guests horns/guitars TBA

Dennis Doyle, guitar, vocals
Mitchell Zerring, bass guitar, back vocal
Vinny Mongeluzo, lead guitar, back vocal
Mick Oakleaf, drums, back vocal

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